Get Started

Getting started with Quris is easier than you might think...


Identify your resources

Identify the information and resources that you want to ensure your clinicians have instant access to.  These could include existing handbooks (in Word or PDF format), existing guidelines, protocols, algorithms, standard operating procedures, etc.  You can provide them to us in any format.  

Additionally, resources can also include things such as; checklists, medical calculators, scoring tools and even data collection forms. 


Review and approve

Once the resources and information have been identified we will manage all of the work required to ensure that your resources are as well presented, structured, findable and usable as possible.  Our team have extensive experience in organising clinical information in a way that makes sense to clinicians, so that it can be found quickly and easily.  

Once our work is done all you have to do is review and approve the information for delivery through the Quris platform offering your staff mobile (offline and online), web browser and even EHR system access to your resources.


Ready to use!

Once approved your resources will be available to whatever staff groups or users that you wish to be given access.  Organizational login and/or passcodes can be used to protect sensitive information.  Users will have access through any mobile device, web browser or even EHR system.

Powerful analytics will provide you will instant detail on what resources are being used, by whom, when, how and much more.  Integrated feedback mechanisms help ensure users feel part of the whole process and have some capacity to influence future resource development. 

It really is as simple as that.  In three easy steps you will have a 360 degree information provision, review and feedback loop that will keep your clinical resources accessible, active and alive with users - as they need them, when they need them.

Our library of templates developed from international standards, such as AGREE II, will provide a robust and quality assured consistency to your resources covering such things as: guidelines, protocols, algorithms, formulary, antimicrobial, handbooks, pathways and more.

Using Quris your clinical resources will be delivered to your users in a standardized format ensuring a corporate and professional image whilst supporting ongoing editorial requirements.

The result: the right staff will have access to the right resources at the right time!