Why Quris

How Quris helps...

Quris improves patient care by ensuring healthcare workers have the most up-to-date, relevant and validated clinical resources (guidelines, algorithms, protocols, handbooks, calculators, alerts and much more) in their hands, at the time they need them most.

Key benefits

Always current

The information and resources provided through Quris are always the most up to date and are automatically monitored for review with alerts and notifications for review date expiry. Updates to your resources are notified and made instantly available to all relevant users.

Always accessible

Quris ensures your hospital and departmental resources are easily accessible from any mobile device, from any desktop computer and from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. The same information, up to date and available everywhere.

Always complete

Templates ensures all your resources (e.g. guidelines, handbooks, pathways, protocols, etc.) follow your organizational governance and editorial requirements thereby increasing quality, compliance as well as reducing unnecessary variation.

How Quris works


STEP 1: Create/Upload your resources

Use the Quris Clinical Content Management System (CCMS) to create/edit and/or upload/link to existing resources. The CCMS allows you to organise your resources in a way that makes sense to clinicians. Our standardized templates (e.g. for guidelines, etc.) quicken the editorial process and can be customized, if required, for individual departmental needs. Resources can be shared and re-used across departments to provide a single access point to related information.


STEP 2: Review and publish

Once uploaded, the CCMS allows you to apply an editorial and review process that is as sophisticated or as simple as you require. Quickly upload and publish right away, or define one or more review stages that resources must pass through before final approval. Whatever your process a final click of a button publishes your resources to all subscribed mobile devices and the web (if required) immediately for users to access.


STEP 3: Analyze and track

Of course that's not the end of the story. Powerful analytics ensure that you can report upon and track use of your resources. For example: what guidelines are most used; when are they used; by what teams; which sections, etc. Users can also send feedback on specific resources thus improving 'buy in' as the entire team is able to actively contribute to the development of clinical knowledge.


Works offline and online

Data/Wi-Fi connections are not needed to use the app. Use it anywhere, anytime.

Standardizes clinical resources

Templates ease the process of creating, editing and managing your guidelines, handbooks, etc.

Cloud based deployment

Quick and flexible cloud-based deployment makes it easy to get up and running.

Minimal IT dept. impact

Quris can be deployed into an organization with litte or no demand on IT department resources.

Secure and robust

Security, data privacy and diaster recovery features ensure your resources are safe and protected.


Understand what resources your staff are using, when, how and where. Quris analytics tracks both online and offline activity.

No 'per user' charges

Licensing is based upon organization size and customizations required, keeping costs low.

Integrates with your EHR

Your information and resources can be integrated into any clinical system through the Quris HL7 API.

Mobile and web

Quris can deliver your clinical resources to mobile devices as well as desktops - same content, multiple access points.

  • We OCCAM! We showed the TJC surveyors and they were excited to see the resource!

    Ri J, PharmD, FIDSA

    University of Washington

  • 'Quris' has been a 'game changer' for Airlift Northwest Clinical staff.


    Airlift Northwest

  • The Polypharmacy guidance medical app is a great tool for providers caring for geriatric patients or any patient on 'too many' medicines. The polypharmacy app is ideal for patient care teams involving a geriatrician and/or pharmacist who can sit down for an extended session with the patient and their family for a comprehensive medication review.

  • Antimicrobial Companion is a fantastic free medical app for NHS Scotland providers that truly promotes antibiotic stewardship. The medical app includes helpful dosage calculators for inpatient providers, antibiotic guidelines for primary care and is customizable to match local antibiotic resistance patterns.

  • We have been using Quris to deliver educational and decision support to junior doctors within NHS Lothian, Scotland since 2015.

    Dr Simon Edgar MD, MBChB, FRCA, MScMedEd, FAcadMED - Director of Medical Education

    NHS Lothian

  • Working with Tactuum and the Quris platform allowed us to deliver critical resources to doctors in Out of Hours services.

    Dr Oliver Prescott

    NHS Lothian